Quantum Control with Trapped Ions


This project aims to develop novel techniques for the control of quantum systems using trapped atomic ions.


Professor Michael J. Biercuk

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School of Physics

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A primary focus of our research on trapped ions is the development of efficient and robust control techniques for arbitrary quantum systems in the presence of environmental noise. Decoherence - the decay of the "quantumness" of a state - is a major challenge for any quantum system, and requires a dedicated effort to produce error-resistant approaches to quantum control.

Open-loop coherent control protocols provide a means to dynamically suppress random errors in quantum systems, addressing a primary challenge in quantum technology. Our work aims to expand the efficacy and applicability of dynamical decoupling for use in any coherent technology - establishing a fundamental role for these techniques as quantum firmware. We have recently formulated an efficient and user-friendly "filter-design" framework to understanding the performance of various open-loop control protocols. Outstanding challenges include the suppression of universal decoherence, the development of new optimization techniques, and the dynamical protection of nontrivial logic operations.

Our experimental efforts employ trapped atomic ions as a model quantum system, and permit detailed studies of quantum dynamics in noisy environments.

The Quantum Control Laboratory, housed in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, is a world-class research facility. Experience gained in this project will cover atomic physics, light-matter interaction, magnetic resonance, microwave systems, and quantum control.

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physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Science, Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, Quantum Control, Ion Trapping, Atomic Physics, Laser Physics, Quantum Simulation

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