Quantum Enabled Sensing


Development of new quantum-enabled sensors providing unrivalled performance across a range of applications.


Professor Michael J. Biercuk

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School of Physics

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Trapped ions are exquisite sensors of external forces and fields. Experiments have demonstrated that trapped ion crystals are the most sensitive force detectors known, outperforming rival technologies by more than three orders of magnitude. Our work in this field has earned M.J. Biercuk the 2011 NMI Prize for Excellence in Measurement Science.

We are exploiting normal modes of ion motion, spin coherence, and novel quantum control techniques to produce novel force and field sensors with unrivaled performance. Ultimately we hope to produce deployable ion-based sensors leveraging the device fabrication capabilities of the Australian Institute of Nanoscience.

The Quantum Control Laboratory, housed in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, is a world-class research facility. Experience gained in this project will cover atomic physics, light-matter interaction, magnetic resonance, microwave systems, and quantum control.

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physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Science, Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, Quantum Control, Ion Trapping, Atomic Physics, Laser Physics, Quantum Simulation

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 1433

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