Quantum Simulation and Large-Scale Entanglement


Developing techniques for the study of large-scale quantum simulators based on crystals of trapped atomic ions.


Professor Michael J. Biercuk

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School of Physics

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Our work aims to study the dynamics of large-scale entangled systems and to produce useful, controllable quantum simulators. This work involves detailed theoretical studies and experiments using trapped atomic ions.

Ion crystals in a Penning trap provide a two-dimensional qubit array with regular structure. This system is ideal for the realization of large-scale entanglement and useful quantum simulators via state-selective spin-motional interaction. Our work aims to engineer designer Hamiltonians for studies of quantum simulation and the dynamics of large entangled states. The particular states we are aiming to create may prove useful for studies of quantum magnetism and spin liquids.

The Quantum Control Laboratory, housed in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, is a world-class research facility.  Experience gained in this project will cover atomic physics, light-matter interaction, magnetic resonance, microwave systems, and quantum control.

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physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Science, Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Control, Ion Trapping, Atomic Physics, Laser Physics

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 1434

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