Quantum Control Theory


We address the challenge of creating efficient, error-resilient quantum control approaches for use in future quantum technologies.


Professor Michael J. Biercuk

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School of Physics

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The Quantum Control Laboratory is a research group focused on the control and manipulation of the internal states of trapped ions as model quantum systems.  Part of this research activity requires the development of new quantum control techniques via theoretical exploration.  Our aim is to produce techniques which provide intrinsic robustness against errors - a major problem in quantum computation and quantum technologies broadly.  This project will seek to develop and characterize the performance of efficient control techniques that suppress the effects of environmental decoherence and imprecise physical control systems.  This work falls under the general topic of dynamical error suppression - the modulation of a quantum system in time to effectively filter out the effects of noise.

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physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Science, Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Control, Ion Trapping, Atomic Physics, Laser Physics

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