Predictive models for the combustion of multi-component bio-fuels


This project will develop advanced, computationally efficient models for predicting pollutant emissions from the combustion of bio-fuels. The models will target practical engineering-scale applications with the aim of achieving improved energy conversion and improved urban air quality.


Dr Matthew Cleary

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Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

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Bio-fuels are potentially a major part of our energy supply, particularly for the transport sector. Even though they could be carbon neutral, the combustion of bio-fuels just like the combustion of fossil-fuel will emit toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and soot. Good predictive models can help engine designers to limit such harmful emissions. However, the multi-component nature of most bio-fuels poses a challenge to current modelling capability since combustion models have been developed for single component, pure fuels. The PhD student will develop and validate advanced combustion models applicable to multi-component bio-fuels. A significant contribution will be made towards reducing emissions in transport and energy generation.

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This project is open to both domestic and international PhD students.  International students who do not have funding from their home country will be required to apply for a living allowance and tuition fee scholarships such as IPRS. Such scholarships are very competitive and a successful applicant would normally be within the top 5% of their graduating class and additionally have published at least one paper in a high ranking journal. Correspondence with the supervisor should give evidence of these credentials.

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turbulent combustion, sprays, biofuels

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