Molecular genetics of complex diseases


Complex genetic disorders involve interactions between genes and the environment which are difficult to unravel with present technology but as the advances in technology and bioinformatics allow a better understanding of what is a gene and how genes respond to the environment, it will become possible to appreciate the relative roles played by genes and the environment in the common illnesses that are found in our community.


Professor Ron Trent

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Camperdown - Central Clinical School

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The focus of the work is to identify how the expression of genes can be influenced by changes in gene structure. Presently, the work is mostly directed to single base changes in genes (called SNPs) and the role these play in gene expression. Discovering genes for complex diseases continues to be a challenge but as technologies improve and become easier to access, it will be possible to identify the repertoire of genetic changes that are involved in complex human diseases.

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Techniques and Technologies: Technologies are predominantly directed towards discovering gene variants, and for this sophisticated genetic analysis strategies are used. Understanding the function of these variants requires both in vitro and in silico analytic approaches.

Project will be carried out at the Department of Medical Genomics, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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motor neuron disease, genetic heart diseases, cardiomyopathy, Gene, complex disease, SNP, Genetic disorders, Genes in biology & medicine

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