Genetic diversity of commercial black tiger prawns and evidence for selection signatures (University of Sydney & James Cook University)


This project will use genotype-by-sequencing approaches to determine differences in genetic diversity between populations of farmed black tiger prawns (Penaeus monodon) originating from diverse geographical locations and determine how selection over several generations leaves selection signatures. Essential components of the project will be the identification of genome-wide SNP loci and SNP-based genotyping of large numbers of founder and breeding program prawns.  


Dr Mehar Singh Khatkar, Associate Professor Peter Campbell Thomson

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Sydney School of Veterinary Science

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The desired candidate will preferably have a background in population genetics/genomics, computational analyses and basic molecular genetics methodologies.

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There are several projects available through this program (as advertised in Research Supervisor Connect).  A candidate will need to apply and secure APA/UPA, IPRS, or other equivalent scholarship.  For more information on what the ARC Research Hub for Advanced Prawn Breeding will achieve and partners please visit   
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commercial prawn, black tiger prawn, genetic diversity

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