Psychological underpinnings and correlates of sex and sexuality


Sex and sexuality have fascinated people throughout the ages. Ample literary works, theological and moral musings, philosophical accounts, social discourse, and popular presentations of various aspects of different aspects of their related behaviour and their underlying meaning have been depicted, communicated for a wide variety of purposes. People’s curiosity about sex seems to know no bound. Systematic research on sexuality from a psychological perspective enriches our understanding of that core element of being a person in the cultural and social context and one’s experience of sexuality forms and relates to many other central elements of our personhood.


Dr Ilan Dar-Nimrod

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What is the origin of our sexual orientation- is it determined by birth or changes with societal interactions? This interesting question is one that most people have an opinion on. How does those opinions and beliefs shape psychological outcomes such as stigma consciousness and internalized homonegativity among Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay individuals? How do they relate to these individuals’ psychological wellbeing? How does the choice of one’s sexual orientation label (e.g., “gay”, “pansexual”, “queer”) relate to their attraction to others people? How does it relate to their depressive symptomology? How do people evaluate individuals in consensual non-monogamous relationships?  Do such evaluations relate to people’s characteristics? Those above questions are some of the questions being studied in my lab. However, they represent only a small segment of fascinating research questions on the psychological aspects of our sexuality. Join us in asking the new, cutting edge questions using the best available methodologies.  

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