Multi-modal Measures of Accessibility for Evaluation


Accessibility is the ease of reaching valued destinations Measurements of accessibility (such as the number of jobs that can be reached in 30 minutes). This research would measure and compare the accessibility across modes, and develop a comprehensible, replicable composite multi-modal measure of accessibility, and develop methods to monetize the benefits of accessibility so that it can be used in Benefit/Cost Analysis.


Professor David Levinson

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Civil Engineering

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Accessibility is an important metric for assessing the efficiency of transport networks and land use patterns. Economic productivity, travel behaviour, and real estate prices all depend on accessibility. However in multi-modal environments (where travellers have the choice of transit or automobile, e.g.) accessibility of each mode is a relevant factor. How are these accessibilities properly combined in a way that can be explained as an overall accessibility is undetermined, as existing methods have drawbacks. This research involves measuring accessibility (using GIS, transport networks, and GPS “big data”) and developing theory as a way of presenting this as a replicable policy measure, upon which meaningful and unbiased comparisons can be made between cities, within the same city over time, and across alternative network and land use configurations, for use in evaluation studies.

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transport, Transportation, networks, GIS, Statistics, Geography, Econometrics, economics, spatial analysis, Urban Economics, Transport Economics

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