strategic power system operation and planning to secure energy sustainability


The HDR (higher degree research) student applicants should have background in one of the following areas: 1) power system optimisation and control; 2) electricity market modelling and simulation; 3) microgrid and active distribution networks; 4) renewable energy integration to power grid; 5) power electronics for grid application; 6) data-analytics for smart grid applications.


Dr Jeremy Qiu

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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The traditional highly-centralised grid structure is being questioned for its long-term suitability. New ideas such as microgrids and smart grids are likely to change grids especially at distribution levels. It must be secure, and interact with associated networks such as water, gas, transport and telecommunication. The centre works on a range of problems related to future energy grids including the impact of renewables, demand response and energy storage, and their impact on grid stability.

Additional Information

Use of research technique / methodology / technology

  • Integrated energy system modelling and scenario analysis
  • data-analytics for smart grid applications
  • Optimisation and control
Potential topics of interest for the research opportunity
  • Microgrid operation and control
  • Renewable energy integration to power grid3
  • Hybrid DC-AC network planning
  • Distribution market modelling and trans-active energy
  • Energy policies to achieve a low-carbon economy
  • Data-analytics for smart grid applications including forecasting and operational research
Current PHD and/or Masters topics
  • Peer-to-peer operational strategies in distribution markets2
  • Integrated energy network planning
  • Energy bank system and its operations in active distribution networks
  • Renewable energy integration to power grid
Eligibility criteria/candidate profile
  • Bachelor and/or Master degree in electrical (power) engineering, mathematics, control and energy economics.
  • GPA requirement: 85/100 or 4.2/5.0
  • Language requirement according to the University's policy

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power system operation and planning, microgrid, Smart grid, energy sustainability, low-carbon economy, energy transition pathways, energy economics, electricity market, data-analytics for smart grid applications Web URL:

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