Research Areas in Design Lab


There are a diverse range of research areas in the discipline. 


Associate Professor Martin Tomitsch , Dr Caitilin de Berigny

Research Location

Design Lab, at Sydney School of Architecture, Design & Planning

Program Type



Computational Design

  • Agent-based design
  • AI in design
  • Artificial life
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Computational design modeling
  • Creative design systems
  • Curious agents
  • Emergence in design
  • Evolutionary design
  • Games design
  • Generative design systems
  • Mass customization
  • Multi-agent systems (MAS)
  • Parametric modeling
Design Studies
  • Design cognition
  • Design discovery
  • Design thinking
  • Gestalt theory in design
  • Productive thinking in designing

Electronic Art and Design
  • Augmented reality performance
  • Cyborg culture
  • Dance and technology
  • Data art
  • Electronic art
  • Electronic body art
  • Embodiment in digital culture
  • Gestural interaction
  • Information graphics
  • Installation art
  • Interactive design
  • Interactive performance
  • Locative media art and performance
  • New media
  • Sensor-based art
  • Visual culture
  • Visual design
  • Wearable computing

Information Visualization and Sonification
  • Agent-based visualization
  • Ambient display
  • Data art
  • Information aesthetics
  • Information graphics
  • Information visualization
  • Persuasive computing
  • Physical computing
  • Wearable computing

Interaction Design
  • Computer-supported collaborative work
  • Electronic body art
  • Embodiment in digital culture
  • Interaction design
  • Interactive installation art
  • Interactive video
  • Interface culture
  • Locative media art
  • Mobile art
  • Performative geography
  • Sensor-based interaction
  • Tangible user interfaces

Pervasive and Physical Computing
  • Mobile computing
  • Persuasive computing
  • Pervasive computing
  • Physical computing
  • Sensate environments
  • Sensor-based design
  • Wearable computing

Virtual Environments and Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Augment reality performance
  • Augmented virtuality
  • Computer-supported collaborative design
  • Tangible user interfaces
  • Virtual environments
  • Virtual reality

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Agent-based design, AI in design, Artificial life, Building information modeling (BIM), Computational design modeling, Creative design systems, Curious agents, Emergence in design, Evolutionary design, Games design, Generative design systems, Mass customization, Multi-agent systems (MAS), Parametric modeling, Computational Design, Design Studies, Design cognition, Design discovery, Gestalt theory in design, Productive thinking in designing, Electronic Art and Design, Augmented reality performance, Cyborg culture, Dance and technology, Data art, Electronic art, Electronic body art, Embodiment in digital culture, Gestural interaction, Information graphics, Interactive design, Interactive performance, Locative media art and performance, Sensor-based art, Visual design, Wearable computing, Agent-based visualization, Ambient display, Information aesthetics, Information visualization, Persuasive computing, Physical computing, Interaction Design, Computer-supported collaborative work, Interactive installation art, Interactive video, Interface culture, Locative media art, Mobile art, Performative geography, Sensor-based interaction, Tangible user interfaces, Pervasive and Physical Computing, Mobile computing, Pervasive computing, Sensate environments, Sensor-based design, navigation aid, GPS system, GPS systems, Virtual Environments and Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Augment reality performance, Augmented virtuality, Computer-supported collaborative design, Design Thinking, installation art, new media, visual culture, Virtual Environments, Virtual Reality

Opportunity ID

The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 426

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