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Machine learning and optimisation for modelling coral reef evolution

Globally, coral reef systems are under threat from major changes in environmental parameters (e.g. sea level, sea surface temperature, pH and water quality). Forward Forward Stratig more...

Supervisor(s): Webster, Jody (Associate Professor), Chandra, Rohitash (Dr), Salles, Tristan (Dr)

Dynamic Earth models, landscape dynamics, and basin evolution in the Phanerozoic

This project is designed to understand the interconnections between mantle dynamics, plate tectonics, paleogeography, basin evolution, and continental shelves. The project will inve more...

Supervisor(s): Muller, Dietmar (Professor), Salles, Tristan (Dr), Chandra, Rohitash (Dr)

Spatio-temporal geodata mining

Observations suggest that fundamental evolutionary cycles on Earth, including major sea-level fluctuations and pulses of deep Earth resource formation are linked to tectonic and dee more...

Supervisor(s): Muller, Dietmar (Professor), Chandra, Rohitash (Dr)