About Mr David Haines

Haines is engaged with discovering innovative methods for the delivery of virtual reality in a gallery-based context. He is currently researching aroma – an underutilised sensation in contemporary art – and how the sense of smell might be utilised more in the context of installation practice. Haines's research is not limited to one particular medium: it includes gallery-based installation art and sound performances that are exhibited and performed.He is currently researching aroma – an underutilised sensation in contemporary art – and how to use the sense of smell more in his installation practice.Haines is at the forefront of moving image technology, working with real-time 3D game engines to produce gallery-based virtual reality experiences that co-exist with more familiar forms of contemporary art. These works are made in the context of the 'White Cube' as the ideal platform for the dissemination of complex and challenging experimental work.He is interested in unusual forms of image making, including computer-simulated optics and ray tracing, hydrogen alpha solar photography, digital imaging and computer art. Along with this, he has performed minimalist sound compositions in Europe, North America and Australia over many years. His research has allowed the production of large-scale works in major museums, site-specific works, commissions and exhibitions, collaborations, and institutions. Ideas are at the centre of Haines's practice and he conceives of his research as being unlimited, in terms of potential media: from complex scientific instruments such as the gas chromatograph, to holography, Kirlian photography, poetry, white noise, high-volume guitar, aroma chemistry, synthetic diamonds, feedback, computer software, and acrylic paint.

David Haines has been a practising artist for nearly 20 years and has exhibited in museums, festivals and alternative exhibition spaces, including installations for the Tate Gallery, Artspace Sydney, The Physics Room (NZ), the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the 13th Biennale of Sydney. He has been awarded several Australia Council grants for visual arts and new media projects, including a residency at the Australia Council's Tokyo Studio. In collaboration with Joyce Hinterding, Haines has produced major works shown in Tasmania, Sydney and Madrid, and have been featured in the opening exhibition for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, as well as in Japan, Europe and North America.

Selected publications

Significant Exhibitions

The Outlands, (with Joyce Hinterding) Anne Landa Award, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2011

Prix Ars Electronica, Ok-Centrum Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria, 2009

The Dwelling, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 2009

Superlight, San Jose Museum of Contemporary Art, San Jose, 2008

Queensland Premier's National New Media Art Award, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, 2008

Space Odysseys: Sensation and Immersion, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2001