About Ms Rebecca Beardmore

Broadly speaking, Rebecca Beardmore's research and practice explore the fragile relationship between seeing, perception and understanding. Beardmore's work is situated very much on the boundaries of perception, having a fugitive presence that is almost an absence, in which the viewer is partially reflected, setting up a provocative and shifting relationship between the artist, the work, its meaning and the viewer. The pieces play on the limitations of visual experience, setting up a subtle interplay between image, text and material surface where each layer is presented with such fragility that they cannot be collectively discerned. To engage fully with one involves relinquishing another. It is this unreliable encounter, in which no single layer can be depended on to create coherence, that highlights the increasingly uneasy balance between experience and understanding; the interpretive modes of ‘seeing’ that result in the transient, elastic, interactive world we inhabit. An extension of this research is the ongoing investigation into commercial print processes (enamel-filled steel etching, UV Flat-bed printing) in a bid to forge greater control and flexibility between digital and hand-pulled print technologies.

Beardmore was raised in Montreal and came to Sydney to study in 1994. She returned to Canada to complete her MFA in the department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta, a Centre for Excellence in Printmaking. She continues to exhibit locally and internationally, and in 2010 won the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

Selected publications


On Reflection, Reading Pictures, Artereal Gallery, Sydney 2010

Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2010

Seeing Words, Reading Pictures, Artereal Gallery, Sydney 2009

Beyond Further, 5IVE and 40RTY Gallery, Winston-Salem, 2008

The Edge, The Museum of Photography, Seoul, 2008

Seeing Between, Artereal Gallery, Sydney, 2008

Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, Sweden, 2007

The Falun Triennial, Dalarnas Museum, Sweden, 2007

Further, Gallery Wohlleb, Vienna, 2007

Other Lives, UWS Art Gallery, Sydney, 2007

Light, Artereal Gallery, Sydney, 2007