About Dr Jaime Gongora

Animal and wildlife genetics; Wildlife Health and Conservation; Animal Health

Phylogeography and population genetics. Endogenous retroviruses. Immunogenetics. Current projects: Phylogeography and genetic diversity of the platypus. Characterisation and evolution of the MHC in peccaries, wild pigs, alligators and crocodiles. Genetic diversity of peccaries and wild pigs. Origins and genetic diversity of chickens. Characterisation of endogenous retroviruses in the saltwater crocodile.

Selected publications

2011 Reconstructing the human colonisation of the Pacific using modern and ancient chicken DNA; Austin J, Gongora J, Hunt T, Burney D, Larson G, Dobney K, Taylor J; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP). 
2009 Viral and endogenous retroviral detection and characterisation in crocodiles; Gongora J, Isberg S, Moran C; Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation/Research Priorities Program. 
2008 Comparative genomics and phylogenomics of the immune response in crocodilians; Gongora J; University of Sydney/Bridging Support. 
Endogenous Retroviruses in Australian crocodiles/ Immunogenetics of pigs and peccaries.; Gongora J; The Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney/Postdoctoral fellow and new academic staff travel funds. 
Diversity of Australian lizards; Gongora J; The Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney/Start-up Research Fund.