About Dr Kiran Grewal

Research interests include: torture, transitional justice and international legal institutions, international feminist theory and activism, human rights, gender and nationalism, diaspora and postcolonial theory. She is the research manager for a 3 year torture prevention project funded by the European Union working with the Nepali and Sri Lankan armed forces and police.

Dr Grewal is a qualified lawyer who has worked both in Sydney and internationally in the areas of immigration, human rights and international criminal law. Her PhD research was on the topic of ethnicised gang rape and the relationship between constructions of national, gender and sexual identity in France and Australia. She also has research expertise in the area of sexual violence in inter-ethnic and international conflicts and rule of law projects in post-conflict societies. She is the author of an Amnesty International report evaluating the role of the UN administration in post-conflict Kosovo and has served as a monitor at the UN Special Court for Sierra Leone where she co-produced the gender training manual used by the Court's Defence Office.

Selected publications

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