About Dr Beatriz Carrillo Garcia

Research interests include: social development and social change in contemporary China, with particular interest on local governance.

Beatriz is a Lecturer in China Studies and is a joint appointment of the China Studies Centre and the Department of Sociology and Social Policy.

Her work has looked at processes of social inclusion and exclusion of rural migrant workers entering small urban centres, as opposed to those who move to the large metropolises. Her book Small Town China: Rural Labour and Social Exclusion (Routledge 2011) develops that theme through the case study of a county in north China.

More recently her research has concentrated on two projects: one looking at the impact of social policy on health and welfare provision; the other examining the interactions between the new rich and the state, especially in relationship to class formation. A principle concern in her research is the ways in which local governments in less developed areas in China negotiate new institutional arrangements, while attempting to promote a more inclusive economic and social development in their localities.

Beatriz is a member of the editorial board of Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies and of Mexico y la Cuenca del Pacifico (Mexico and the Pacific Rim).

Selected publications

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