About Dr Xiaohuan Zhao

Dr. Zhao's research areas range from linguistics and Literature to Chinese literature and culture. Within the area of linguistics and literature, he is interested in cognitive poetics, literary stylistics and literary semiotics. In the areas of Chinese literature and culture, he is most interested in early and medieval Chinese fiction, ritual, religion and Chinese theatre, and traditional Chinese drama with emphasis on Yuan zaju (variety play) and Ming chuanqi (romance). He is also interested in Chinese folklore and mythology, Chinese legal and intellectual history, and Chinese folk beliefs and practices, particularly magic, ritual and ghostlore, and their cultural and artistic.

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Dr. Zhao has more than ten years of experience of supervising postgraduate students. He welcomes applications from research students who wish to work in the following areas:
Chinese folklore, Chinese mythology, Chinese folk religion, Classical Chinese literature, Oral and performance literature, Ritual and theatrical performance, Yuan zaju and Ming-Qing chuanqi