About Dr Eric Knight

Our research team focuses on how large organizations build the capacity to be agile in the face of disruptive change. We work with both public and private organizations, and examine the role of senior leaders, as well as novel organizational structures.

The research team is engaged on several projects inside large organizations to both (1) examine leadership agility; (2) measure long-term performance; and (3) advise on new organizational structures and leadership practice. Students looking to join this work program should have a strong grounding in qualitative and/or quantitative methods, and a passion for addressing real-world problems in the fields of management, senior leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Dr Eric Knight is Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Management at Sydney University Business School, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. His research focus is on leadership practice to introduce and sustain innovation inside large, complex organizations. This research builds on the work of Clayton Christensen and others on the innovator's dilemma facing organizations in fast-moving markets. Eric has management experience across a range of industries, having formerly served at the Boston Consulting. He has published articles in top-tiered international journals and is the author of two sole-authored books on management, creativity, and leadership. He was awarded his doctorate from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

Selected publications

  • Knight, E. R. W. (2012) Reframe: how to solve the world's trickiest problems, Black Inc
  • Knight, E. R. W. (2013) Why we argue about climate change, Black In
  • Bolukbasi, B. et al (2013) Open data:  Crediting a culture of cooperation,  Science, Letters, v. 342: 1041-1042.
  • Knight, E. R. W. (2011) The Economic Geography of European Carbon Trading. Journal of Economic Geography 11 (5): 817-841.
  • Knight, E R. W. and Dixon, A. (2009) The Role of Asset Consulting Companies in Transforming Investment Decision Making. In Hawley, J. and Williams, A. (eds) Institutional Investors, Risk, and Corporate Governance: practical lessons from the financial crisis, University of Pennsylvania Press.