About Professor Deb Hayes

Deb is particularly interested in supporting the achievement of more equitable outcomes from schooling for young people who benefit the least from education.

Assoc Professor Hayes draws heavily upon systems of thinking that focus on the effects of disadvantage and how these effects are constituted by schooling discourses and teaching practices. She utilises mainly longitudinal and case study approaches to inquire into how schools function.

Deb was a core member on the Queensland School Reform Longitudinal Study 1998-2000, which conceptualised the term productive pedagogies. She has been Chief Investigator (CI) on two ARC Linkage projects conducted in collaboration with NSW DET (Changing Schools Changing Times, 2005-7 and the e.ffects project 2002-4), and is currently a CI on an ARC Discovery Project (Redesigning schools and school leadership: and Australian comparative case study). She is a co-author of Teachers and schooling making a difference (Hayes et al., 2006) and Leading Learning: Making hope practical in schools (Lingard et al., 2003).

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Selected publications

Hayes, D., Johnston, K., & King, A. (accepted for publication) The disruptive possibilities of looking in classrooms: the use of day diaries to disclose the logics of practice in high poverty contexts, Pedagogy Culture and Society 2008
Hayes, D. (accepted for publication) Pedagogies of place and possibility, in M. Sommerville (Ed.), Landscapes of learning, Melbourne University Press 2008 Johnston, K. & Hayes, D. (accepted for publication) ‘This is as good as it gets’:  classroom lessons and learning in challenging circumstances, Australian Journal of Language and Literacy 2008Johnston, K. & Hayes, D (2007) Supporting student success at school through teacher professional learning: the pedagogy of disrupting the default modes of schooling, International Journal of Inclusive Education, 11(3), 371-381 Hayes, D. (2006) Telling stories: Sustaining improvement in schools operating under adverse conditions, Improving Schools, 9(3): 203-213. 2006 Hayes, D., Mills, M., Christie, P. and Lingard, B. (2006) Teachers and schooling making a difference: Productive Pedagogies, Assessment and Performance, Sydney: Allen & Unwin Publishers 2006 Hayes, D. (2005) Amplifying learning through sites of pedagogical practice: a possible effect of working with disciplinary technologies in schools operating under adverse conditions, Journal of Inservice Education, 31(4): 683-696 2005Lingard, B., Hayes, D., Mills, M. & Christie, P. (2003) Leading Learning: Making hope practical in schools, Maidenhead: Open University Press.  2003