About Dr Sue Woolfe

Dr Sue Woolfe is the award-winning, best-selling author of 3 novels, Painted Woman (published Australia 1989), which will be translated and published by Editions Phebus in France in 2008, Leaning Towards Infinity (1996), which has been translated into several languages, and her most recent novel, The Secret Cure (2003). She has adapted both Painted Woman and Leaning Towards Infinity for the stage, with professional productions, and she has adapted Painted Woman for ABC radio as a play. She compiled “Wild Minds: Stories of Misfits and Dreamers”, an international collection of short stories, including one of hers, published 1998. She has written and published many other short stories. With Kate Grenville she wrote: Making Stories: How Ten Australian Novels Were Written (1991). All her works are still in print. She has also written screenplays for film, made 16 mm documentaries and edited subtitles for SBS.

Selected publications

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