About Professor John Wong

Dr John Wong’s research interests include Nineteenth and twentieth century Chinese History, international relations and nationalism; Hong Kong.

Dr Wong is Reader in History. He completed his doctorate at Oxford University in 1971, was a research fellow at Oxford University in 1971-4, and has been teaching at Sydney University since 1974. In English, he has written four books, all published by Oxford or Cambridge and three have been translated by scholars in China. He has edited three books. He has also written three books in Chinese, and 55 articles (in both English and Chinese) in leading refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings. In 1978 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (UK). In 2001, he was elected a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (FASSA).

In 2004 the Century Group of Pubishers in Shanghai decided to launch an Academician J.Y. Wong series, translating all his books into Chinese as well as publishing all the books he decides to write in Chinese after the usual rigorous refereeing process. Two volumes in that series appeared in the same year

Research areas

  • 19th and 20th China's international relations
  • the rise of modern nationalism in China
  • the Opium Wars and Chinese society
  • Sun Yatsen
  • the impact of British Hong Kong on China.
Current projects
Dr Wong’s specific research projects for the near future continue his work on Sun Yatsen.

Areas of research supervision

  • Australia-China relations
  • 19th and 20th century China
  • China's international relations
  • topics related to Hong Kong
  • topics related to Taiwan

Selected publications


Sun Yatsen before the Age of Thirty
. Hong Kong: Chunghwa Book Company, 2011 (x +726 pp). The expanded and simplified Chinese character edition was published in Beijing by the Joint Publishing Company in April 2012.

Zhongshan xiansheng yu Yingguo (Sun Yatsen and the British, 1883-1925). Taipei: Xuesheng Shudian, 2005.

Sun Yixian zai Lundun, 1896-1897: Sanmin zhuyi sixiang tanyuan (London and the Chinese Revolution: Exploring the London Origins of Sun Yatsen’s Three Principles 1896-1897). Taipei: Lingking Publishing Co., 2007.

The Truth about Sun Yatsen’s Kidnapping in London. Taipei: Lianjing, 1998.

The two Opium Wars and the Cession of Hong Kong. Taipei: Academia Historica, 1998.

Deadly Dreams: Opium, Imperialism and the ‘Arrow’ War (1856-60) in China. Cambridge University Press, 1998.

The Origins of An Heroic Image: Sun Yatsen in London, 1896-1897. Oxford University Press, 1986.