About Dr Adam Geczy

Dr Adam Geczy's art practice deals with cultural and political confrontation in a manner where the aesthetic is retained. His theoretical research is primarily centred on theory and discourse for artists, especially on providing tools for more rigorous practice.

Dr Adam Geczy is both an artist and critic/historian working across concerns and disciplines. Dr Geczy completed an undergraduate degree in painting, and graduated with a PhD in Art Theory (Sydney) on the topic of the visual in Marcel Proust.He has worked across painting, printmedia and photomedia, and installation practice, strongly inflected by performativity. In 1997 he exhibited in the historical exhibition 'BODY' at the AGNSW, and in 2000 he was resident at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. It was there that he began working with the electroacoustic composer Thomas Gerwin (formerly ZKM), with whom he has been working ever since. By this time two strands of his practice became apparent: one abstract and tactile, the other conceptual and political. It is this working across concerns and disciplines that he finds most stimulating. His collaborative practice developed with a series of national and international performance-based installations with Mike Parr in 2003–04 and, since 2002, an ongoing suite of works with Australia's foremost composer, Peter Sculthorpe. Several musical 'music+video' works, one involving a major sculptural installation, were included in the survey of 6 key Australian video artists, 'Video Logic', in 2008 at the MCA, Sydney. The political side of his practice is evident not only the Geczy/Parr collaborations but also in works such as 'I Hate Australia' and the more recent collaborations with Aboriginal artist Adam Hill. In Ghent, Belgium in 2010 he conducted a performance and made an installation on the legacy of the Belgian Congo. As a writer he is costantly engaged in contemporary discourse related to art and culture, and in support of younger artists.

Selected publications

Significant Exhibitions

Remember to Forget the Congo, Croxhapox, Ghent, Belgium, 2010
Of Art and Music, Perth Arts International Festival, 2009Video Logic, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2008Farb-Laut (with Thomas Gerwin), Galerie Tiergarten Mitte, Berlin, 2008
Video Sculptures, NOASS, Riga, Latvia, 2008

Significant Publications
Art: Histories, Theories and Exceptions, Berg, Oxford, 2008
'Music + Video = I See Music", in Video Logic exh. cat. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2008
Thingness of Light: The Work of William Seeto, Artspace, Sydney, 2007
Reframing Art, with Michael Carter, UNSW Press, Sydney, 2006
Here, There, Nowhere, Dead: Performance Art and the Cybernetic Involution, Artspace, Sydney, 2006