About Associate Professor Willem Vervoort

Determining future environmental management requires understanding of the basic drivers of landscape change. My research focuses on simulating landscape hydrology and forecasting under varying climate in semi-arid landscapes. This is related to stochastic hydrology, surface water groundwater interaction, ecohydrological modeling of vegetation change and risk and uncertainty in hydrology.

I am basically interested in many projects related to water and the environment. Management of the environment can only be based on a thorough understanding of the biophysical processes. I use simplified models to understand the key relationships and to support experimental work. Current projects include: including groundwater uptake in stochastic ecohydrological models to predict vegetation distributions, measuring transmission losses from semi-arid rivers, probabilistic forecasting of river flows and floods, rainwater harvesting and river flows in Rajasthan (India), climate change impacts on river flows and identifying surface atmosphere feedbacks. Please see http://www.agric.usyd.edu.au/staff/vervoort/home.shtml

Associate Professor Vervoort is a researcher in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. For more information about Associate Vervoort, please refer to his Academic Profile Online.