About Associate Professor Simon Carlile

Sound contributes so much to our sense of spatial awareness and to our ability interact with others. Despite this, relatively little is understood about spatial hearing and in particular what goes wrong with even mild hearing impairment. For more than two decades Simon's work has teased apart these difficult issues and driven the development of radical new hearing aids and communications devices that markedly improve spoken communication.

For the last 20 years Simon Carlile has been at the forefront of the development and applications of virtual auditory space technologies in hearing research, spatial hearing devices for the hearing impaired and for communications and consumer applications.

Simon did his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sensory Neuroscience at the University of Sydney before moving to Oxford, UK, in 1987. In late 1993, Simon rejoined the University in the Department of Physiology, and established the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory. Simon’s research has maintained a strong cross disciplinary focus involving the bioacoustics, psychophysics, neurophysiology and systems modelling of auditory function.He has made significant and pioneering contributions to the development and application of virtual auditory space (VAS) technology. These have included the development of acoustic recording techniques and behavioural performance measure of VAS fidelity. Some of the results of Simon’s research is are driving consumer based applications for normal hearing and hearing impaired listeners and has led to 9 patents with significant commercial potential. A company, VAST Audio Pty Ltd, has been spun off with the University of Sydney to commercialise this IP. Simon plays an active part in the technical developments of the company is also Chair of the Board.Simon has also held senior administrative positions as Sub-Dean (IT) Faculty of Medicine 1996-1998 and (Pro Vice Chancellor (IT) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the University of Sydney from 1998 to 2003. Note: 20/12/07 Record amended. Removed from second paragraph: "The Company has recently instantiated this technology in a radical new spatial hearing aid which is currently undergoing clinical testing with the worlds second largest hearing aid company in Denmark." to protect IP. GC.

Selected publications

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