About Ms Joyce Hinterding

Joyce Hinterding’s research is grounded in a particular fascination with experiencing the world through its energy fields, particularly the electromagnetic spectra Hinterding’s practice and research opens up the world of objects and materials through physical and virtual dynamics. Her interest in energy and resonance has been a platform for investigating and extending notions of form and function to explore both analogue and digital modes of expression. Working specifically with custom-built field recording and monitoring technologies, her explorations into acoustic and electromagnetic phenomena have produced large sculptural antenna works, video and sound-producing installations and experimental audio works for performance. Her interest in the VLF (Very Low Frequency) part of the radio spectrum is ongoing, and has continued to open up new relationships as spectrum politics and concern for the environment have changed. Her recent investigations into drawings and stencilling have opened up an expanded investigation into graphic antenna, fractal mathematics, and energy scavenging. The art and science axis in her work has placed her in productive dialogue with various scientists and communities from disciplines such as solar research, antenna design and high-energy physics. Her collaborations with artist and SCA lecturer David Haines have produced large-scale immersive video and sound works that explore the tension between the fictive and the phenomenal. These collaborative works have gained international recognition and are continuing to explore the possibilities for 3D visualisation, animation and real-time technologies in the art context.

Joyce Hinterding is an artist who exhibits both nationally and internationally and is recognised for her work across a range of discipline areas, including sculpture, object arts, sound art and digital arts. Originally trained in gold and silver smithing, she worked professionally in the industry while developing an expanded and experimental relationship to the field of object arts. Her postgraduate research into acoustics and musical instrument design led her to do further study in electronics, alchemy and web design, and develop an ongoing learning relationship with the digital and analogue arts, including 3D computer graphics, sound and video. Her work is currently included on the NSW HSC Visual Art Curriculum and she regularly collaborates with artist David Haines to produce large-scale immersive video and sound works. She is represented by Breenspace, Sydney, and her recorded audio work has been released by Antiopic NYC and Sigma Editions.

Selected publications


The Outlands, (with David Haines) Anne Landa Award, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2011

TRUST, loops and fields: Series 3, International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA) U Centre Dortmund, Germany, 2010

Monocline, SuperDeluxe at Artspace, 17th Biennale of Sydney, 2010

Aura, Breenspace, Sydney, 2009

Telepathy, Performance Space, Sydney, 2008

Electromagnetique Composition for Building Plants and Stars, (with David Haines) Breenspace, Sydney, 2008

Superlight, 2nd Biennial 01SJ, San Jose Museum of Art, California, 2008

(in)visible sounds, Dutch Institute for Time Based Art, Montevideo, The Netherlands, 2007

Re:search, Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai, Japan, 2006

Waves, 8th International Festival for New Media, Culture, Art and Communication, Riga, Latvia, 2006

What survives, Performance Space, Sydney, 2006