About Dr Jane Gavan

Jane Gavan designs and makes objects that are functional and non- functional. She also creates installations that explore light, space and colour. Her work examines the sustainable use of materials and processes and the dynamic idea of 'invention' and the history of technology. Jane Gavan's research focuses on potential professional practice locations for artists, artist/industry relationships, and the ways artists assist in raising innovation rates in the manufacturing sector. In recent years Jane has developed site specific sculptural works based on material exploration and innovation during residencies in factory communities. This research has led to a broader interest in artists as leaders in communities and in developing sustainable approaches to art-making. Jane's projects include participant action research methodologies that use light, colour and materials that enable these phenomena.

Jane Gavan worked as a printmedia artist before graduating from the glass studio at SCA in 1988. She graduated in the same year from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts. Gavan then expanded her curatorial skills at UNSW, developing skills in exhibition design and conservation of materials. From this time onwards she has conducted a studio practice which has included the production of glass and ceramic objects, many incorporating printed and fired enamel and other glass elements. Gavan has a passion for tertiary teaching, which she aligns with her research interests. She teaches at all levels in the object art and design area, and has been the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), at SCA since 2006.

Selected publications


Factory as Studio, DAB LAB, University of Technology Sydney, 2011

Shaping Perspectives, Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, 2008

Pink Stairwell, Haymarket (Site-specific installation), Sydney, 2006

Cross Media, University of Newcastle Gallery, Newcastle, 2006

Pink Factory Light Project, Bushells Coffee Factory, Canada Bay, Sydney, 2005