About Dr Caroline Lipovsky

Dr Caroline Lipovsky’s research interests include: language of the workplace, impression management, intercultural communication, language of evaluation and appraisal.

Dr Lipovsky has taught French language and culture at all levels in a range of institutions in South Korea, Hong Kong and Australia. While in Korea, she also co-presented bi-weekly French language programs on Korean television. With a background in law and marketing, she has also worked for a number of years in the commercial departments of various companies in South Korea, France and Hong Kong. This sparked her interest in intercultural communication and the language used in the workplace, which is how she came to research the linguistic co-construction of self-presentation in job interviews in French and Australasian English in her PhD thesis. Her study shows how candidates enact their professional expertise and negotiate affiliation, and highlights the linguistic features that succeed (or fail) to make a good impression on interviewers. It also exemplifies how candidates and interviewers establish co-membership in the course of their interviews. The study uses Systemic Functional theory to analyse how candidates present their experience of the world, construct their identities and negotiate their relationship with their interviewers. Currently, Dr Lipovsky is exploring job applicants’ self-presentation in résumés. She is also collaborating with Dr Ahmar Mahboob, analysing students’ evaluations of their native and non-native speaking teachers in TESOL.

Selected publications

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