About Associate Professor Martin Tomitsch

My research concerns the design of new interactive technologies for everyday life to leverage the user experience and improve the quality of life.

Dr Martin Tomitsch is an Associate Professor at the Design Lab, where he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Digital Media Interaction Design, which combines his multidisciplinary background in engineering, programming and design.

The foundation of Dr Martin Tomitsch's research is the application of user-centred interaction design methods and the study of user behaviours to inform the development of novel interfaces and interaction techniques for everyday life. In his research work he emphasises the design and evaluation of new approaches to human-computer interaction.

His current research interests are: tangible and ubiquitous computing, large-scale displays and media facades, and mobile interaction design for developing countries. (Refer to the list of project opportunities for current research projects and opportunities to join as a research student.)

Dr Martin Tomitsch received an MSc in Informatics in 2004 and completed his PhD in 2008, both at the Vienna University of Technology. During his studies he spent some time at KTH University Stockholm, Paris Sud University, and as visiting scholar at the University of Sydney. Before joining the University of Sydney as Lecturer, Dr Martin Tomitsch was working as teaching and research assistant at the Vienna University of Technology and as usability consultant and interaction designer for an ICT consulting company in Austria.

Selected publications

  • Tomitsch, M., Schlögl, R., Grechenig, T., Wimmer, C. and Költringer, T. (2008). Accessible Real-World Tagging through Audio-Tactile Location Markers. In Proceedings of the Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction (NordiCHI'08), Lund, Sweden, ACM Press, 4 pages.
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  • Tomitsch, M., Grechenig, T and Mayrhofer, S. (2007). Mobility and Emotional Distance: Exploring the Ceiling as an Ambient Display to provide Remote Awareness. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE'07), Ulm, Germany, 164-167. 
  • Tomitsch, M. and Grechenig, T. (2007). Reaching for the Ceiling: Exploring Modes of Interaction. Adjunct Proceedings of the International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp'07), Innsbruck, Austria, 268-271. 
  • Leitner, M., Tomitsch, M., Költringer K., Kappel, K. and Grechenig, T. (2007). Designing Tangible Tabletop Interfaces for Patients in Rehabilitation. In Proceedings of the Conference and Workshop on Assistive Technology for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments (CVHI 07), Granada, Spain, 6 pages. 
  • Tomitsch, M., Kappel, K., Lehner, A. and Grechenig, T. (2007). Towards A Taxonomy For Ambient Information Systems. Workshop on the Issues of Designing and Evaluating Ambient Information Systems, co-located with the International Conference on Pervasive Computing (Pervasive'07), Toronto, Canada, 42-47. 
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