About Professor Patrick Brennan

Professor Patrick C Brennan PhD is a global leader of medical imaging optimization and perception and Co-Director of the international BREAST platform and holds the Chair of Diagnostic Imaging. He is the world’s highest ranked researcher in Medical Radiation Sciences. His work has changed clinical practice, impacted upon national guidelines and informed international reports.  Since 2012, Brennan has published 75 peer-reviewed papers in the highest ranked radiologic journals and a textbook. He has over 200 publications and has generated over $13m in grant support.

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Selected publications

Suleiman WI, Rawashdeh MA, Lewis SJ, McEntee MF, Lee W, Tapia K, Brennan PC. Impact of BreastScreen Reader Assessment Strategy (BREAST) on mammographic radiologists' test reading performance. J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol, 2016 Jun;60(3):352-8·

Alakhras MM, Brennan PC, Rickard M, Bourne R, Mello-Thoms C. Effect of radiologists' experience on breast cancer detection and localization using digital breast tomosynthesis. European Radiology, 2015 Feb; 25(2):402-9. 

Al Mousa DS, Mello-Thoms C, Ryan EA, Lee WB, Pietrzyk MW, Reed WM, Heard R, Poulos A, Tan J, Li Y, Brennan PC. Mammographic density and cancer detection: does digital imaging challenge our current understanding? Academic Radiology. 2014, Nov; 21(11):1377-85. 

Alakhras M, Bourne RM, Rickard M, Ng KH, Pietrzyk MW, Brennan PC. Digital tomosynthesis: A new future for breast imaging? Clinical Radiology. 2013, 68 (5), e225-e236.

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Reed WM, Ryan JT, McEntee MF, Evanoff MG, Brennan PC. The effect of abnormality-prevalence expectation on expert observer performance and visual search. Radiology, 2011, 258(3):938-43.

Johnston DA, Brennan PC. Reference dose levels for patients undergoing common diagnostic X-ray examinations in Irish hospitals. British Journal of Radiology, 2000, 73:396-402.