About Dr Yi Zheng

Dr Yi Zheng’s research and supervisory interests include: comparative and Chinese intellectual history, cultural history, aesthetics, modern (including early modern) Chinese literature, scientific culture and contemporary Chinese cultural studies.

Dr Yi Zheng received her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. Since then she taught modern Chinese literature and culture as well as comparative cultural studies in the US, Germany and Israel before coming to Sydney. She has held fellowships from the Wissenschaftskolleg (Institute for Advanced Studies), Berlin; Collegium Budapest (Institute for Advanced Studies), Budapest; and the Porter Institute for Comparative Poetics, Tel Aviv. Zheng is completing a monograph on civility and taste in contemporary Chinese print media, which is based on research completed in an ARC funded discovery project (2006-2008) investigating the changing structures of class and taste culture in China, of which she is co-CI. Currently Zheng is a principal researcher in the cross-faculty collaborative project (Arts and Science), on The Changing World of Early Modern Knowledge: New Science and the Investigation of Things. This project studies together the European ‘New Science’ of 16th-17th century and the Chinese ‘Investigation of Things’ of Ming-Qing period. It aims to establish a new understanding of these modes of knowledge as epistemological corollaries of a global network of exchange and cross-fertilization.

Selected publications

  • Edmund Burke, Guo Moruo and the Sublime in Historical Crisis, West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, (in press).
  • Civility and Class in Contemporary Chinese Print Media, London: Routledge, (contracted for 2010).
  • Travelling Facts: the Construction, Distribution, and Accumulation of Knowledge (Baillie, C., E. Dunn and Zheng eds.), Frankfurt: Campus Verlag (2004).
Special Journal Issue
  • Post-Mao, Post-Bourdieu: Class and Taste in Contemporary China, Portal Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, (Zheng and Donald eds. July 2009).
Referred Journal Articles
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