About Dr Hans Pols

Hans is interested in what happens when science investigates human beings. That includes the history of medicine (in particular psychiatry), psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

Hans Pols is interested in the history of the human sciences. He has conducted research in the history of psychiatry in the United States, focusing on the mental hygiene movement, which articulated ideas of how normal, well-adjusted, and happy citizens look like. He then embarked on a research project on the involvement of psychiatrists in World War II in the USA, the UK, and Australia. Currently, he is investigating the history of medicine in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia.

Selected publications

  • Pols, Hans. 2009. European Botanists and Physicians, Indigenous Herbal Medicine in the Dutch East Indies, and Colonial Networks of Mediation. East Asian Science, Technology, and Society: An International Journal 3. 
  • Pols, Hans. 2009. ‘Beyond the clinical frontiers': The mental hygiene movement in the United States. In International relations in psychiatry: Britain, Germany, and the United States through World War II, edited by V. Roelcke, P. J. Weindling and L. Westwood. Rochester, NY: Rochester University Press. 
  • Pols, Hans. 2007. Psychological knowledge in a colonial context: Theories on the nature of the "native" mind in the former Dutch East Indies. History of Psychology 10 (2):111-131. 
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