About Dr Dominic Murphy

Philosophy of psychiatry, philosophy of biology.

Dominic's main areas of interest are in the philosophy of the cognitive and biological sciences, especially issues in psychiatry and cognitive neuroscience. He has further interests in evolutionary theory, the history and philosophy of biology and medicine, moral psychology, epistemology and bioethics.

Dominic's main current project is a book on self-representation. This looks at recent work on the self in the cognitive neurosciences and social psychology and considers the implications of this work for some philosophical ideas about the nature and function of the self and its relation to theories of cognitive architecture. He is also working on delusions, psychopaths and the role of model-building in the inexact sciences.

  • Sydney University Bridging Grant ($40,000 2009-10)

Selected publications

  • "Psychiatry and the Concept of Disease as Pathology". Forthcoming in M.Broome & L. Bortolotti (eds) Psychiatry as cognitive neuroscience: philosophical perspectives. Oxford University Press.
  • Psychiatry in the Scientific Image. MIT Press, 2006.
  • "Concepts of Health and Disease". Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2008.
  • "On Fodor's Analogy: Why Psychology is LIke Philosophy of Science After All." Mind and Language 21, no.5 (2006): 553-564.
  • "From My Lai to Abu Ghraib: The Moral Psychology of Atrocity." Midwest Studies in Philosophy 31 (2007): 25-55.