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Human Research Ethics Committees

The University of Sydney has an unwavering commitment to promoting ethical standards of research.

This includes protecting  the mental and physical welfare, rights, dignity and safety of human participants of research and the safety of staff and students conducting research.

This is achieved through efficient and effective research application review processes which are conducted via three Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs).

All research is reviewed and conducted within the guidelines set out in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007).

Applications from external organisations

Ethics applications from external organisations with no direct link to the University, where the chief investigator is neither a staff member, an affiliate or a student of the University may be accepted for review at the discretion of the University HREC. An administration fee of $2,500 (plus GST) will apply.

Committee membership

Committees are comprised of the mandatory members listed below and additional members with expertise relevant to University of Sydney research. Under the National Statement the minimum membership is eight including:

  • a chair
  • at least two lay members, one man and one woman, who have no affiliation with the institution, are not currently involved in medical, scientific, academic or legal work, and who are preferably from the community in which the institution is located
  • at least two members with knowledge of, and current experience in, the areas of research that are regularly considered by the committee (for example, health, medical, psychological, epidemiological)
  • at least one member with knowledge of, and current experience in, the professional care, counselling or treatment of people (for example, a medical practitioner, clinical psychologist, social worker, nurse)
  • at least one minister of religion, or a person with a community pastoral role, such as an Aboriginal elder
  • at least one member who is a lawyer.

The committee should ideally have equal numbers of men and women.

For more information, see section 5.1 of the National Statement (2007) (pp. 80-81).

Human research ethics breaches

A research ethics breach occurs when a researcher does not comply with the National Statement and/or the conditions of their HREC approval.

This may include:

  • Undertaking research activities without HREC approval, where this approval is required;
  • Implementing modifications to a research protocol without further approval from the HREC;
  • Non-compliance with conditions of ethical approval from the HREC.

To report a potential human research ethics breach, please call +61 2 9036 9161.

HREC Committee members




Stephen Assinder

Deputy Chairperson

Helen Mitchell

Health Professional

Clifton Chan

Health Professional

Charles New
Health Professional Catriona McNeil


Miranda St Hill

Research Expertise (Psychology)

Niko Tiliopoulos

Research Expertise (Pharmacy)

Carl Schneider

Research Expertise (Mental Health)

Tracey Davenport

Research Expertise (History)

Julia Horne

Research Expertise (Epidemiology) Siobhan Mor


Michael Neary


David Bouckley


Christina Kanellaki Lowe

Laywoman Penelope Bye

Pastoral Care

Rev David Russell

Pastoral Care Mehmet Ozalp
Role Name


Glen Davis

Deputy Chairperson

Jim Rooney

Health Professional

Alex Holden

Health Professional

Monica Robotin


Wendy Blacker

Research Expertise (Health Sciences)

Tuguy Esgin

Research Expertise (Nursing)

Jennifer Fraser

Research Expertise (Neuroscience) Amit Lampit

Research Expertise (Psychology)

Barton Anderson

Research Expertise (Clinical Trials)

Rebecca Mister


Ettore Altomare

Layman Ross McLeod


Sharyn Brown


Ruth Pojer

Pastoral Care

Rev Steve Oh




Rita Shackel

Deputy Chairperson

Stephen Fuller

Health Professional Lilon Bandler

Health Professional

Michelle Stewart

Health Professional Leslie Nicholson


Melissa Woodroffe

Research Expertise (Medical Sciences)

Damian Holsinger

Research Expertise (Nursing) Yun-Hee Jeon
Research Expertise (Psychology) David Allsop

Research Expertise (Psychology)

David Hawes


Andrew Sinclair


Andy Michel


Annie Parkinson

Laywoman Larissa Aldridge

Pastoral Care

Rev Andrew Ford

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University of Sydney
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HREC Terms of Reference

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