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We're harnessing the power of technology to make an big impact in the 21st century.
Technology can help us tackle some of the most challenging problems that humanity faces. By better understanding and using existing technology and developing new ideas we are are impacting positive change.

Microsoft partnership making quantum leaps

Partnership with technology giant has global vision on a nanoscale

In partnership with Microsoft our researchers are developing quantum computing technology to help revolutionise the future.

Diamonds are a nano-researcher’s best friend

Nanodiamonds could revolutionise medical imaging and drug delivery

Research into medical imaging is happening on the quantum scale and requires seeing the laws of physics in a fundamentally new way.

The robot revolution that will help farmers all over the world

Research helps rethink agriculture to safeguard global food security

A new breed of robots is set to support farmers and transform farming, from weeding and spraying crops to taking care of cattle.

Smarter transport solution could transform commute

How digital disruption is driving more efficient, cost-effective travel

Research into door-to-door solutions will reduce car use and our environmental footprint, and make getting to work cheaper and simpler.

Research discovers the power to tackle climate change

Nanoscale battery technology transforming renewable energy storage

Looking at an old technology in a new way could provide an affordable new renewable battery that doesn't rely on weather.

Tumour tracking reshapes the future of cancer treatment

Tumour tracking system sets exciting new direction for radiotherapy

New systems are making imaging and radiotherapy more precise and safer for patients and could be used by cancer centres worldwide.

How the reef's past could protect its future

Research to better understand the history of the Great Barrier Reef is providing vital insight

Researchers are reimagining 500,000 years of evolution to conserve one of the world’s greatest natural wonders: the Great Barrier Reef.

A new technology is turning a liability into an asset

Tackling waste with a new recycling process turning plastic into products

The scale of plastic waste has shocked the world, but options for recycling plastics have been limited. Now we can rise to the challenge.

Personalised youth mental health care through tech

Groundbreaking technology is changing youth mental healthcare

A groundbreaking mental health care platform may dramatically reduce waiting times for young people who need urgent support.