Instructions/Expectations for speakers

The dedicated presentation itself should be 25-30 minutes long and accessible to a broad SpaceNet audience. Presumably the main foci will be the research goals, motivations, importance / implications, approach (perhaps short), results, and the relevance to & desired collaborations with SpaceNet.

Presentations should be more qualitative rather than full of technical detail; more in depth detail of research methods can be provided offline. You can encourage questions within the talk or not, as you wish.

Generally the intention of these SpaceNet Lunch / Tea Events is to inform people of the type of space-related work going on at the University and elsewhere (other unis, industry, government units etc), encourage cross-fertilisation, develop collaborations, and develop Australia's space research community.

The usual structure is to start at about 1:10 after a brief intro from Iver, Eleanor, or another designated SpaceNet person, 25-30 minutes to talk, 10 minutes of structured questions until about 1:50, then more informal questions / discussions / food until 2:00 or later (as desired by the speaker, audience etc.). Some discussions continue until 2:30 or so, but most do not. People can discuss the speaker’s results & collaborations etc. during the question time, in the more informal time thereafter, or in private with the speaker and others as the people involved want.

People can have some food and drink in the 15 minutes before the talk or during the informal discussion period etc. after the talk and structured question time. The obvious generalisations apply to Tea Events.