Our quarterly SpaceNet workshops bring together interested people across the university, refine and extend the research program and cross-Faculty and inter-School collaborations, and pursue research goals RG1 - RG3.

The themes are expected to be:

  • (i) How to preprocess specific EOS data into useful form and improve analysis of satellite imagery
  • (ii) Designing novel photonic and other instruments that provide EOS data tuned to Australian conditions and address national needs and specific problems in RG1 – RG3
  • (iii) Future U. Sydney and Australian space projects, building upon i-INSPIRE, QB50, the Decadal Plan, and the new space policy and the 2011 Roadmap
  • (iv) “SpaceNet Open Day”, aiming to advertise the progress made to the University and media and to attract new members and ideas.

ECRs and students will play major roles in the workshops, developing their experience and cross-University links.