We host a weekly seminar series on the Sciences and Technologies of Learning hosting local and international experts who present research.

This series combines seminars organised by the CoCo Research Centre, with seminars organised jointly by the research groups CHAI and LATTE. (These are affectionately referred to as "CoCo-CHAI-LATTE" seminars, and yes, warm beverages are served.)

At the discretion of the presenters, seminars may be recorded and made available online. Past seminars available include:

  • David Boud on the changing face of feedback research
  • Angela Brew on creative curriculum change through research
  • Russell Lowe and Sid Newton discussing Hyper-Immersive Learning and Teaching
  • David Lowe discussing remote laboratories as a logistical enhancement of pedagogic innovation
  • Judy Kay presenting on lifelong learner modelling, harnessing pervasive technology for learning
  • James Dalziel on Learning Design
  • Erica Rosenfeld Halverson and Richard Halverson on the Design and Assessment of 21st Century Learning Environments
  • James Curran on teaching computer programming
  • and many more.

See all available seminars here.

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