Title of the Project and Investigators Funding Body Start End Total Funding
Behavioural Strategies for Selecting Innovation Projects: Lovallo, D; Dong, A ARC, Discovery Projects 2013 2015 $505,000
Driving curriculum and technological change to support writing in the engineering disciplines: Calvo, R.A., Howard, S Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Australian Office of Learning and Teaching
2013 2014 $219,000
Anticipation and decision making skill: from testing to training: Goodyear, P; Jacobson, M; O’Connor, D; Williams, M ARC 2012 2015 $326,696
Learning Environments Across Disciplines (LEADS): Supporting Technology Rich Learning across Discipline: Lajoie, S; Calvo, R Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SCHRCA) 2012 2015 $2,500,000
Building leadership capacity in undergraduate science teaching in India: Yeung, A; Sharma, M; Jolly, P; Allender, T AusAID ALA Fellowships 2012 2013 $57,413
Inventiveness and the Progress of Product Innovation: Dong, A ARC 2011 2015 $666,952
ETM Project - Empowering Teachers of Mathematics : Bobis, J; Way, J; Anderson, J ARC Linkage 2011 2014 $158,000
Interactive web-based video teaching/learning platform for language skill development and intercultural understanding: Wong, W.Y., Shen, H.Z.,Hu, C.,White, K., Goodyear, P., Reimann, P., Luo, Q, Peiying, and Zheng, W DEEWR 2011 2013 $352,000
An Online Writing Centre for Undergraduate Engineering Students: a One Stop Shop: Calvo, R; Drury, H ALTC 2011 2012 $219,000
Fostering institutional and cultural change through the Australian network of university science educators, Sharma, Rifkin and Project team: Sharma, M Australian Learning & Teaching Council 2011 2012 $216,000
Linguistics-based preference information modeling for design decision-making: Yang , MC; Dong, A USF, Engineering Design and Innovation Program 2011 2012 $180,000
The mathematics and language of engineering uncertainty, preference and utility: Dong, A; Yang, MC ARC, Discovery Projects 2011 2012 $180,000
Learning, technology and design: architectures for productive networked learning: Goodyear, P ARC 2010 2015 $2,744,129
Learning the complexity of scientific knowledge about climate change with computer modelling and visualization technologies: Jacobson, M ARC and the NSW Department of Education and Training 2010 2014 $560,000
Multi-user virtual environments and research into the learning and transfer of scientific knowledge and inquiry skills: Jacobson, M ARC, Discovery Projects 2010 2013 $350,000
Comprehensive support for collaborative writing: visualising argument, text and process structures: Reimann, P; Calvo, R; Yacef, K ARC, Discovery Projects 2009 2012 $270,000
Advancing science by enhancing learning in the laboratory (ASELL): Kable, K; Buntine, M; Barrie, S; Sharma, M; da Silva, K ALTC and the Australian Councils of the Deans of Science 2009 2011 $239,000
Disciplinarity, knowledge and schooling: analysing and improving integrated, cumulative learning in classrooms: Freebody, P; Martin, J. R; Maton, K ARC, Discovery Projects 2009 2011 $360,000
Learning through inquiry in higher education: Goodyear, P; Ellis, R; Prosser, M ARC 2009 2011 $425,000
Professional learning for knowledgeable action and innovation: The development of epistemic fluency in higher education: Goodyear, P; Markauskaite, L ARC 2009 2011 $220,000
Developing Student Motivation and Interest: Bartimote-Aufflick, K; Walker, R; Sharma, M; Collier, M; Smith, L USYD Large TIES grant 2009 2010 $50,000
Living and Learning in a Knowledge Society: The implications of young adults’ knowledge-creating practices for higher education: Bennett, S; Maton, K ARC, Discovery Projects 2009 2010 $80,000
Writing for Engineering Disciplines: Supporting the Development of Student Writing across Curricula: Calvo, R; Jones, J; Drury, H; Airey, D; See, H USYD TIES grant 2009 2009 $114,288
Intelligent agent-augmented multi-user virtual environments: Research and development for learning environments of the future: Jacobson, M Singapore Interactive and Digital Media Initiative  2008 2012 $1,300,000
Enacting Reconciliation: negotiating meaning in youth justice conferencing: Martin, J. R; Dwyer, P; Zappavigna, M ARC, Discovery Projects 2008 2011 $320,000
Teaching, technology and educational design: the architecture of productive learning environments: Goodyear, P ALTC 2008 2009 $291,250
MYTEAM Project - Middle Years Transition, Engagement & Achievement in Mathematics : Martin, A; Bobis, J; Anderson, J; Way, J ARC Linkage 2007 2010 $136,000
A study of the potential for the public to be involved in the design of large scale public works: Dong, A; Kvan, T ARC 2007 2009 $282,935
Forging new directions in physics education in Australian universities: Sharma, M; Kirkup, L Carrick & ALTC 2007 2008 $135,000
Mobile Learning with Tablet PCs: Calvo, R; Poon, J Hewlett Packard 2007 2007 $90,000
Blended learning in schools, TAFE and universities: experience, principles, patterns and practices: Goodyear, P; Prosser, M; Ellis, R ARC 2006 2009 $270,000
Using machine learning and automated document analysis methods to support English composition training: Reimann, P; Calvo, R; Paltridge, B ARC, Discovery Projects 2006 2008 $200,000
Virtual worlds and intelligent agents for learning science: Innovative technology and pedagogy for Singaporean schools: Jacobson, M Singapore Ministry of Education  2006 2008 $120,000
Developing Multimedia Tools for Senior High School Physics: Sharma, M; Muller, D ASISTM 2006 2007 $54,000
Designing for Mobile Learning in a Technology Museum: Reimann, P; Dong, A ARC 2005 2008 $144,888
Analyzing and supporting cooperation management in online learning communities: Goodyear, P; Reimann, P; Kay, J; Yacef, K ARC 2005 2007 $200,000
Computational Methods for the Social Accounting of Teamwork: Dong, A ARC 2005 2007 $150,000
Image/text relations in narrative and information books for children: Unsworth, L; Martin, J. R; Painter, C ARC, Discovery Projects 2005 2007 $304,000
Learning through online and co-present discussion in higher education: expectations, experiences and outcomes: Goodyear, P; Prosser, M; Ellis, R ARC 2005 2007 $228,000