Work with us - overview

As a member of our network, you will have opportunities to:

  • Join one of our cross-disciplinary working groups: shaping up new research ideas, developing research proposals and drafting white papers on key areas of research and practice
  • Propose and help run a research development event, designed to create new foci for research, and establishing relationships with potential funders and end-users of research
  • Participate in our annual Research Fest – at which over a hundred staff, PhD students and external collaborators gather to share ideas, research findings, new problems and innovative research methods
  • Become involved in cross-faculty supervision of research students and mentoring schemes
  • Join the NAPLES network – the international network of academics and students involved in learning sciences programs. STL is one of the founding nodes in the NAPLES network.

There are also opportunities for:

To join the network or for more information on our program of research please contact our Chair, Professor Peter Goodyear, at