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Helping people with bipolar II disorder make informed treatment decisions: evaluating a world-first website.

Have you had to decide on your treatment for bipolar II disorder?
Decision-making about treatment in bipolar II disorder can be challenging. Many people with bipolar II disorder and their family want to be more informed and more involved in decision-making about their treatment.

To this end, researchers are looking to evaluate the usefulness of a new online decision-making resource designed to help people with bipolar II and their family to make the “right” treatment decision for them. That is, a treatment decision that takes into account the best available clinical evidence as well as what is important to and matters most to their people in their treatment based on their values and life situation.

Alana Fisher, a PhD student, is conducting this study under the supervision of Dr Ilona Juraskova and Prof Louise Sharpe at the University of Sydney and A/Prof Josephine Anderson and Prof Vijaya Manicavasagar at the Black Dog Institute.

What does the study involve?

You will be randomly (by chance) allocated to access/make use of EITHER existing online information about treatment only OR with the new online decision-making resource.

You will also complete 3 questionnaires to find out whether the new decision-making resource is better at helping people make informed treatment decisions compared to already available information. 

Ethics approval number #USYD HREC 2016/763.


People with bipolar II disorder (18-65 years) who have ever had OR are now having to make a decision about treatment to stay well/prevent relapse with their clinician are eligible to participate in this study.

How to participate

If you are interested in assisting with this important and exciting area of research see below for details on who to participate. 

1) Go to here to register.
2) Enter your name, email, phone number and the code: INEU
3) You will then receive an email, follow the instructions and click on the personal login link to access the website.

Any questions or for further information contact Alana Fisher via email or phone: 02 9036 9258.