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Life Experiences of people who are overweight and obese

We are looking for people who identify as overweight or obese and who are fluent in English to participate in a study of everyday life experiences.
This study will involve completing a 1 hour Initial session, completing brief surveys via an app on your smartphone for 2 weeks, then completing a ½ hour Closing session. You will be reimbursed up to $75 for less than 5 hours of your time over two weeks. The Initial and Closing sessions will take place at either the University of Sydney Camperdown campus or the UNSW Kensington campus. The two sessions must occur 2 weeks apart.


In order to participate in this study, participants must identify as overweight or obese and be fluent in English.

Ethics committee approval number: HREAPC#2759

How to participate

To learn more about this study and register your interest, please complete the following 2-minute elgibility survey:

If you are eligible to participate, we will be in touch to arrange a time for you to come in.