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Testing the preferred tone of messages for an intervention aimed to improve calcium intake in young adults

Tone of messages for an effective intervention in young adults.
Gathering feedback from young adults on the preferred tone of messages for an effective intervention aimed to improve calcium intake.

This project aims to gather feedback from young adults (18 - 25 years) which would invovle testing content developed for a social media intervention. In order to target this group for an effective intervention, it is important to hear their thoughts and ideas before rolling it out in the population. Participants will be recruited using convenience sampling methods. This will involve placing flyers in the university and recruitment methods will be extended to young people at large using social media. Participants will complete a short REDCap survey which will involve ranking of different tonal messages and questions about types and frequency of social media posts.

Ethics approval number: 2018/079 


To be eligible for this study you:

  • Must be aged between 18 to 25 years
  • Not currently undertaking or have completed a nutrition degree 

How to participate

To register your interest for this study please click here  or visit the study website to complete the online survey that takes 10 to 15 minutes here.

For more information please contact Anika Rouf via email