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Sydney Mathematics & Statistics: Member Details for A.Dong-1

For up-to-date and nicer-looking, see the people list. Name:. Ms Alice Xiaodan Dong.

Dr Chong M Dong

Research Fellow

Room A2-13 107 Cobbitty Road Cobbitty NSW 2570, C44, Plant Breeding Institute, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia

Dr Peng Zhang

Peng Zhang received her MSc degree in Biotechnology at Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands. Her MSc research work mainly involved FISH to DNA molecules prepared by molecular combing…

Hon Prof Zhao Yang Dong

Honorary Professor

J03, Electrical Engineering, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia

Professor Chengwang Lei

Professor Chengwang Lei obtained his Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China and PhD degree in Civil and…

Honours project: Correlation between Genotype and Virulence of a New Super Killer ¿ Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii - Study - Sydney Medical School

K, Walker DM, Weir BS, Weiß M, Wen-Ying Z, Wijayawardene NN, Wingfield MJ, Xu JP, Yang ZL, Zhang N, Federhen S (2014): Finding needles in haystacks: linking scientific names, reference ... 130. Xu J, Boyd CM, Livingston E, Meyer W, Madden JF, Mitchell

Professor Peter Sharp

Professor Peter Sharp's career began with completing a BAgSc(Hons), majoring in Plant Breeding and Genetics at the University of Adelaide, and doing a PhD in genetics at the same university. He was…

Associate Professor Derek Wyman

Wang, Q., Wyman, D., Xu, J., Dong, Y., Vasconcelos, P., Pearson, N., Wang, Y., Dong, H., Li, C., Yu, Y., et al (2008). ... 2008. Wang, Q., Wyman, D., Xu, J., Dong, Y., Vasconcelos, P., Pearson, N.,…

Associate Professor Jun Huang

Associate Professor Jun Huang was educated at the Institute of Chemical Technology at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He received specialised training in catalysis at the South German Catalysis …