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Sporting Scholarship Supporters

MENU. Sporting Scholarship Supporters. Like their gifts and scholarship beneficiaries, our Sporting Scholarships benefactors are treasured, remarkable and inspirational. ... Dr Tyrrell has very generously donated the Mollie Dive Sporting Scholarship for
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Scholarship. A form of support, usually financial, provided to assist in your continued education. ... Some faculties have become schools within a faculty to increase the potential for those schools to work together in teaching and research (see
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School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - Faculty of Engineering

Study with us. Our Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship (ESIPS) program is designed to place some of our highest achieving students studying either an  undergraduate engineering degree or  Master of Professional ... ESIPS was initially

Sports and fitness

Just a few of our sporting clubs. Get involved. Sydney Uni Sport &Fitness. ... The Elite Athlete Program helps me by offering flexible study arrangements around my sporting commitments.”.

Inspiring alumni - Faculty of Engineering

News and events - Faculty of Engineering

News and events. All the latest news from our faculty. .

Prizes and honour roll

Our honours graduates and prize recipients are a testament to our culture of excellence in scholarship. ... Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Alumni - Faculty of Engineering

Sydney engineering graduate awarded NSW Rhodes Scholarship

Sydney engineering graduate awarded NSW Rhodes Scholarship. 13 November 2019. Recognised for research into sustainable energy solutions. ... Playing sport at a high level didn’t get me a scholarship by itself,” says Grace.

Dennis A Ahlburg Scholarship - Wesley College

The scholarship is open to students who are entering Wesley College and studying in the Faculty of Economics and Business. ... The holder of the award must be studying in the Faculty of Economics and Business and the successful applicant must also