Volunteer opportunities are available with the Dickman Lab in both the field and laboratory.

Field Work Opportunities

Volunteer Expression of Interest

I am looking for a few motivated volunteer assistants to help me out with field work for my PhD research on the Plains Mouse (Pseudomy australis) refuges on Andado Station in the southern NT. My project is investigating the role that these refuges play in the persistence of plains mice during the long dry times characteristic of arid Aus. There is still room for up to two more volunteers on trips for the following dates:

  • 16th – 26th June
  • 16th – 26th June
What's involved:
  • All trips
    • Small mammal trapping (Elliott traps). All participants will be required to check traps at sunrise each morning to ensure any animals caught are released before they are endangered by the heat
    • Camera trapping
    • Night time spotlighting
    • Walking – usually up to 12 km a day (in short bursts, not continuously), sometimes in full sun
    • Vegetation and soil surveys
  • Camping
    • We will be staying at Mac Clark Conservation Reserve. Accommodation will be a swag.
    • There is a toilet at the camp, but no showers or running water.
    • There will be flies, sometimes lots of them.
  • Climate
    • Hot, dry weather will be experienced for much of the year, particularly during the day.
    • During the winter months it can get very cold during the night (0⁰C or below at times).

Expenses including food, accommodation and travel from Alice Springs to field sites will be provided. It is not possible to cover or subsidise flights to and from Alice Springs.

Previous small mammal trapping and remote field experience are very desirable. The ability to work in and withstand harsh (arid) conditions is essential.

If you are interested please fill out the attached Expression of Interest form and return it to lauren.i.young@sydney.edu.au

If you can’t make the above dates but are interested in future field trips, I will also be heading down to Andado during August, September, October and November 2015, with dates to be confirmed later in the year. For further information on the 2015 trips, contact Lauren: Email: lauren.i.young@sydney.edu.au (preferred, as I am not always in the office) or T: 08 8950 7178

Tasmania Devil Research

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Desert Ecology Research

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Laboratory work opportunities

Lab Work Opportunities

Laboratory work is run at the University of Sydney, in the Heydon-Laurence Building A08, on Science road Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm.

How you can help?
- Help sort and identify seeds
- Help sort and identify invertebrates
- Converse with the Lab staff!
- And there is always plenty of data entry

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

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