The Molecular Ecology, Evolution, and Phylogenetics research group occupies the top floor of the Edgeworth David Building A11, situated between the Macleay Building and Footbridge Theatre on the Camperdown Campus.

Our offices and laboratory were redeveloped at the beginning of 2012. This was made possible by an award of more than $620k from Campus Infrastructure. We have a large molecular laboratory that can accommodate a variety of genetic work. We also have four offices that can host up to 16 researchers and students.

MEEP Laboratory

MEEP Laboratory

We have a fully equipped DNA and RNA laboratory. The laboratory has dedicated areas for insect rearing and experimentation. We have equipment for entomological fieldwork, which is conducted in forests in and near Sydney, as well as in the Northern Territory.

MEEP laboratory

Computing resources

Each member of the research group is entitled to a desktop computer of his or her choice (Dell PC or iMac). We also have spare computers for the use of visitors and volunteers.

In addition to personal computers, we have high-performance computing resources in the form of 5 multi-core workstations, but much of our computational work is now done on the university's computing cluster Artemis.