Shine Lab


Our research has been funded mostly as "pure science", not from schemes specifically focussed on controlling toads. Perhaps surprisingly, the many millions of dollars so far spent on attempts to control toads have been based on little detailed understanding of toad biology or impact. We believe that "knowing the enemy" will ultimately provide the basis for new and more effective methods of toad control.

By far the main supporter of our work has been the Australian Research Council, who supported the Fogg Dam studies for more than 20 years before the toads arrived. This provided the essential background for our work on toads. The ARC has continued to support our work since the toad invasion through the Discovery Scheme, the Federation Fellowship Scheme, and the Invasive Animals CRC.

As part of the Linkage Scheme, our collaborating partners include the Western Australian Government (Department of Environment and Conservation), the Australian Reptile Park, and the Federal Department of Environment and Water Resources. The Federal Government’s “Caring For Our Country” initiative also has provided funding for our work on pheromones and on teaching taste aversion to predators.Lots of other people have helped also, notably the personnel at Beatrice Hill Farm near Fogg Dam.

More recently we have received cash donations to support our research from private sources such as Leap Frog Loans. Such donations are very welcome!

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