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The biology, impact and control of cane toads: an overview of the University of Sydney's research program.
We wrote this summary for a Cane Toad Conference held in Brisbane in June 2006; it summarises a lot of the background of Rick’s long-running research program, and some of our findings about toads. It’s a lot less technical than many of the other “scientific” papers, and refers to many of the others.

cane toad

Phillips, B. L. 2005. The march of toads. Australasian Science 26:14–16.
A broad summary of the evidence for the impact of toads on Australian wildlife, coupled with some of our early findings.


Shine, R. 2007. Toad kill. Australasian Science 28:16-20.
This is an edited transcript of a talk that Rick gave at the Australian Academy of Science; it summarises more recent results about toad biology and impact.


Shine, R. 2007. Cane toads: rapid evolution in an invading species. Scios (Journal of the Science Teachers' Association of Western Australia) 43:24-25.

juvenile toad

Shine, R. 2008. Who's afraid of the big bad toad? Australian Research and Development Review July 2008:9.

toad with leech

Pearson, D., J. K. Webb, E. Kruger and R. Shine. 2008. The march of the cane toad. Landscope (WA Dept of Conservation and the Environment) 24:17-24.

toad on road

Shine, R. 2009. Controlling cane toads ecologically. Australasian Science 30:20-23.

meat ant and toad

Shine, R. 2011. It’s evolution, but not as we know it. Australasian Science June 2011:16-19.

Fogg Dam Interactive Booklet

This book is designed to explain scientific research on ecology to primary school-age children. The authors, Ligia Pizzatto and Ruchira Somaweera, both lived up at our field station near Fogg Dam for several years, and wanted to make it easier for children to understand what ecologists do, and what kinds of things we discover. So, they wrote this book, and illustrated it with photographs of this beautiful region.

Click here to download the booklet

Fogg Dam booklet front page

Cane toad research photo credits: Christa Beckmann, Haley Bowcock, Greg Brown, Elisa Cabrera-Guzman, Travis Child, Michael Crossland, Matthew Greenlees, Mattias Hagman, Crystal Kelehear, John Llewelyn, David Nelson, Stephanie O'Donnell, Ben Phillips, Ligia Pizzatto, Sam Price-Rees, Cathy Shilton, Ruchira Somaweera, Peter Street, Georgia Ward-Fear, Jonathan Webb