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Phone: 02 9351 8679
Location: Office 447, Heydon-Laurence Building A08, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia

Honours Research

Under the supervision of Dr Matt Greenlees and Prof. Rick Shine, I am investigating the impacts of cane toads on native predators at the southern limits of their invasion in northeastern NSW. The impacts of cane toads at the still-expanding southern front remain relatively unstudied. I aim to survey predator abundance and composition in areas with and without toads, with a particular focus on large scaly predators. Team Bufo’s work in the tropics has shown that toad invasion consistently results in dramatic declines in large goannas. Yet, anecdotal reports and initial observations in NE NSW suggest that many goannas in this region are able to persist after toad arrival. Coducting feeding trials with friendly campground goannas may clarify the mechanisms underlying the ability of apex predators, such as lace monitors, to persist after toad invasion.